Vigorius jewellery-salons offer professional and accurate engraving services!

When coming to our jewellery-salons it is possible for you to take a look at our engraving-services catalogue, with more than two thousand different symbols, ornaments and fonts, wich we will engrave both on inside and outside of wedding rings.

To make wedding rings even more special, you can engrave on them:

  • Date of wedding;
  • Prayer words;
  • Fragment of a poem;
  • Your names or initials;
  • Date of proposal;
  • Love promise


Mostly used expressions for engraving on wedding rings in Latin:

  • Amor vincit omnia - love wins all
  • In aeternum – forever, eternally
  • Ab ovo – from the beginning till the end
  • Ab hinc – from here on
  • Ad infinitum – infinity, forevermore
  • Ad vitam aeternam – live forever
  • А solis ortu usque ad occasum – from sunrise to sunset
  • Оmnia vincit amor – love is stronger than anything
  • Fac fideli sis fidelis – be faithful to person who is faithful to you
  • Altera pars – other half
  • Alter ego – other me


  Letter or number 1 – 10 pcs 10 €
Additional letter or number + 1 €/piece
  Symbol from our catalogue 10 €
Additional symbol from our catalogue + 1 €/gab
  Ancient Latvian sign 1 - 5 pieces 25 €
Additional Ancient Latvian sign + 5 €
  Symbol made after custom design From 25 €
  Fingerprint 25 €
  Cardiogramm 25 €

You are welcome in our jewellery-salons, for you to take a look at our wide engraving-catalogue and for us to carry out any of your intentions!