Long-time experience is the quality mark of any jeweller.  Vigorius are proud to represent our jewellery salons with trust of our customers. Vigorius jewellery salons will be your guide and advisor in any situation to find the perfect solution. That does not matter what you need – rather it is restoration of your grandparents wedding jewellery or finding the right engagement ring for your beloved. Vigorius offer wide range of different jeweller services – from polishing to personal design offer.

Jewellery design [Personal design] – individual solutions for any type of jewellery need, design elaborated due to clients taste and budget.

Jewellery repair – possibility to give one more life to jewellery item or to surprise someone with special and already emotionally significant gift.

Engraving – adding personal touch to jewellery is very responsible service that surely could be trusted to Vigorius professionals.

Restoration – our experienced technicians will help you to restore and carry out repairs with true respect to the emotional value of jewellery.

Consultations – advice and professionals opinion in every case.