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Engagement - it is an important step in life of every person. This step changes two lives - connecting them into one. The moment of giving mans heart and asking for womens hand has to be unrepeatable and memorable for the rest of the life, so the memory of it warms your hearts for a long, long time... But how to achieve that your beloved one and bystanders feels rapt from delight? In this giving advices is pretty hard, the Romeo has to find the way to her heart himself. But we can help you with a choise of magical engagement ring, wich will enounce others about event that will take place in your lives. 

In nowadays, there is almost no necessity to guess if the intended will accept or reject the proposal. As known, these converations take place before, so there is no ground for fear. Anyhow, engagement is a big event - especially for a girl. From that moment she can officialy be called a bride and it is a real happiness for every girl!

Vigorius jeweller-salons will help you to make this important decision. Engagement ring is a jewellery wich is not taked off - unlike jewellery items like bracelets, earrings, pendants or chainlets etc. Thats why, your choice should be made really carefully, so that there would not be a necessity to change a ring. Our jewellers - they re not a masters in first generation. They continues the work of their fathers, wich have inherited it from their fathers and so on.

That is why our jewellers hold on to ancient traditions and it helps them to create really outstanding jewellery masterpieces. They can make an engagement ring, counting on every budget, allocated for this purpose. You can take a look at our offer of engagement rings in this website.

The price of the engagement ring depends on - the amount of gold used, from size and characteristics of the diamond and the complexity of making the ring. Regarding on these three - we guarantee you a surprising result!

We offer you engagement rings made of white, yellow and rose gold. Remember that gold is the same all over the world, but the end result is in hands of a jeweller!

Jewellery wich is ordered in our jewelery-salons, bring you luck!