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The tradition of engagement is closely related to getting married. The round shape of a ring symbolises infinity. Two rings put together creates an infinity sign, thats why wedding rings symbolises an infinity of love between two people.

Have you thought about every detail, how you will give a ring to your intended and make a proposal? There is only one thing left - to choose the engagement ring wich will always remind her about you.

When chooding an engagement ring, a groom to-be often faces different difficulties. We suggest you to decide before time - on material of the ring, the amount and size of diamonds, and other details. Our consultants will help you to solve these questions, as well as will give you valuable advices and help you to choose most suitable, beautiful and beneficial engagement ring.

Most commonly is choosen the golden angagement ring.

The gold with 999.9 alloy is practically not used, because of its fineness and tenderness. For jewellery to be more resistant and to get excellent shade of gold, to gold of 999.9 alloy is added silver and copper.

The engagement rings from white gold is really popular, to get the white shade of gold, ther is palladium added..

Engagement rings from Vigorius jewellery-salons

We offer a huge amount of already made engagement rings, but it is also possible to make it by a custom order - with different line folds, floral motives, with extravagant symbols or location of gemstones, the items made on custom order are a qualitative hand-made jewellery pieces.

When ordering an engagement ring, it is possible to order matching wedding rings, after.

It is not important - if your intended will receive a modest ring or a ring with a stunning brilliant - the most important are your feelings, invested in choosing a ring and the love, you are giving with it.