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Engagement ring is an affirmation of serious intentions and sincerity of feelings, it is given by a man to a woman, offering her his heart and hand. If she accepts it, then accoring to anciet traditions, both of them asks an agreement and blessing to their parents.

It is known, that this tradition - to give an engagement ring - atrose in late 1477. year. In ime when The Duke of Austria Maximillian wanted to take French Kings daughter Maria as his wife. He wanted to be sure, that she will accept a proposal, so he sent her a ring with big diamond. Since then an engagement rings has become a tradition.

Lately, giving a ring to your intended is in again. If a man has given a ring to his intended and she has accepted it, it affirms, that couple is really striving to link their lives in marriage. Until the wedding an engagement ring is worn on ring finger, and after the wedding together with wedding ring.

It is important to keep in mind, that engagement rings can be with different stones...

But the most common is diamond. As known, an engagement ring with diamond symbolises a mans love to woman, with who he wants to spend the rest of his life. The diamond in engagement ring symbolises stability, permanence, eternity and sincerity in relationship between two lovers. 

An offer and the price range of engagement rings is very wide. It depends on material of a ring and if it is with brilliant - what is the properties and carat quantity of the stone.

But not everyone can affort an engagement ring with diamond, so the substitute with zirconia also has a consent.

If you have decided on this huge step - to make a family - and want to woo your intended, then we, the team of Vigorius jewellery-salons with pleassure will help you to choose most suitable engagement ring! In our jewellery-salons it is possible to purchase engagement rings with diamonds or zirconia, it is possible to purchase designs, wich are hand-made by our jewellers as well as make a custom order of the ring, if you want to give her something really exclusive and special. This ring could become a family relic, wich can be handed from genration to generation, how that the ring symbolises - infinity and diamond - eternity.