Engagement ring - the dream of every girl

Have you thought about every detail, how you will give a ring to your intended and make a proposal? There is only one thing left - to choose the engagement ring wich will always remind her about you.

Jewellery that prepossess the fate...

Engagement - it is an important step in life of every person. This step changes two lives - connecting them into one.

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Vigorius jewellery-salons offer professional and accurate engraving services! When coming to our jewellery-salons it is possible for you to take a look at our engraving-services catalogue, with more than two thousand different symbols, ornaments and fonts, wich we will engrave both on inside and outside of wedding rings.

Engagement ring - not an ordinary jewellery

Engagement ring is an affirmation of serious intentions and sincerity of feelings, it is given by a man to a woman, offering her his heart and hand. If she accepts it, then accoring to anciet traditions, both of them asks an agreement and blessing to their parents.

It is known, that this tradition - to give an engagement ring - atrose in late 1477. year. In ime when The Duke of Austria Maximillian wanted to take French Kings daughter Maria as his…



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