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Vigorius jewellery salons offer different ways how to buy engagement ring. We provide possibilities to every need. To show our care we have created online jewellery catalogue.

If you like to choose from collections, you are welcome to visit our jewellery salons to see different designs for engagement rings. We have gold and silver collections, including designs with or without diamond or zirconia settings. You may choose from wide range of different designs created by Vigorius masters and Italian jewellers.  Collections represent designs from classical elegance to modern chic. Your engagement ring could be simple, but elegant jewellery masterpiece or art work formed from complicated lines, forms and motives. Our consultant will help you to find exactly what you need.

If you value individuality or uniqueness – engagement ring might be made choosing personal design service. You will be able to choose materials, gem stones, gem stone setting and other details. Vigorius jewellery salons work with diamond, zirconia and freshwater pearl settings.

If you will choose Vigorius personal design service to create engagement ring, it will be easier to create similar designed wedding bands. It is also possible to create a set.